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5 Great Holiday Restaurant Marketing Tips

People consider the holidays to be a special occasion worthy of a little extra spending. Yes. It’s true. You need to make customers believe that your restaurant is where their money should be spent. Follow these tips to attract customers during holidays:

  1. Be Seasonally correct
    Do not risk excluding any customers during the holiday season. Train your employees to say “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings”, instead of “Merry Christmas.” Unless your employees happen to know the particular customer’s religion beliefs. Note: use only generic holiday decorations & ensure your decorations work well with your décor.

  2. Send Holiday Greetings
    Sending best wishes for the holiday season is a good way to remind customers about your restaurant. The card should seem like a greeting rather than a promotional message. Your customers will feel special and may keep you in mind for their celebration plans. At the bottom of the card, you could mention your holiday promotion, but keep it simple and enticing.

  3. Special Holiday Promotions
    Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve promos are very effective. Do not offer a discount. During the holidays, people are willing to spend, so instead of a discount, offer extra service or a free item. Show value. Do not lower prices.

  4. Sell gift certificates
    Gift certificates are the perfect way to capitalize during the holiday season. About 25% of the gift certificates will never actually be used, which turns that sale into pure, profit. You should display your gift certificates in a prominent place near the point of sale or the entrance, and you can also sell them on your website.

  5. Advertise. Advertise. Advertise.
    Advertise in more unique ways for the holidays. Perhaps, advertise in the local school holiday play or concert. There are many options out there in your neighborhood. Also, make sure to mention your takeout, delivery service and holiday hours if applicable..

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