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5 Tips For Holiday Gift Giving for Your Restaurant Business

It’s not too early to start planning for the holidays. Get a jump start planning your holiday client gifts following the tips below.


  1. Make sure your holiday gift is branded. If the gift you give has your company logo the recipient will always remember who it came from.
  2. Make it useful. Choose a gift that your client will have a use for so they will keep it around and keep you in mind all year round.
  3. Think Smart. Make the most of your budget by combining a holiday gift with a marketing tool. A branded gift with all your company information is ideal.
  4. Include your menu and contact information for ready access. If you’ve followed the first 3 tips your customer will always have your gift and your information at their fingertips.
  5. Make it personal. Even if you’re sending the same gift to all of your clients, make sure each recipient feels special. Include a personalized note, or a card with the gift.

Ready to get going? Look no further than our “La Vita Colorata” 2012 Wall Calendars for the perfect holiday client gift. It’s the perfect promotional item that your clients will keep around, look at all the time, and it is completely customizable to fit your needs with room for your logo, branding, menu and more. Read more about our customizable calendars here.

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