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Did you hear what I wrote?


Way back in elementary school, we were encouraged to read and keep our lips from moving or reading out loud.  Honestly, I think that some people should be allowed to read, and read out loud so the message sinks in two ways. Perhaps it’s the only way the message will finally sink in, as why bother reading if you don’t absorb what you are reading.


 In the middle of December I sent out an email to customers and prospective customers about planning their monthly promotions for their restaurants in 2015. I did get a number of responses, but 2 owners called and wanted to know what happened to January and February 2015 promotions. Explain as I did, they could not understand why January was a write-off, considering there were 2 weeks left in the month. I assured them that Santa had exclusive use of elves, and any project started now would not be delivered until the third week of January. What was the point of a one week promotion?


So here I am at the beginning again.

Please plan your restaurant promotions and activities at least 3 months in advance, plan your marketing calendar of events in groups of 3-4 month periods.  Use the seasons or major events in the area your restaurant is located. Creating a campaign for your restaurant shouldn’t be a chore or stressful and below you can find some ideas for April 2015 promotions or events.


  • April 1st – One Cent Day – order a large and get an extra topping for 1 cent
  • April 5th – Deep Dish Pizza Day – order a deep dish pizza and get free cheese sticks
  • April 6th – Army Day – army personnel get a free upgraded pizza size
  • April 10th – Golfers’ Day -  wear a golf shirt and get a free fill up of cola or juice
  • April 15th – Banana Day –anything with a banana in it – 2 for one
  • April 19th – Garlic Day – anything cooked with garlic is 10% off
  • April 22nd – Jelly Bean Day – guess the number of jelly beans in the jar and get a large party pizza FREE
  • April 28th – Blueberry Pie Day – free dessert with eat-in only orders.



Planning in advance greatly reduces stress levels as well making sure your event is a success.


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