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Direct Mail: Still the #1 Marketing Tool


A stand alone direct mail piece is the only legal and most credible form of visiting the inside of your neighbour’s homes while being front and centre in their face. With today’s many digital and social media marketing options, many of us get confused and try and skip the most important and effectively proven conduit that drives the whole process of acquiring new customers and increasing visits from existing and loyal customers.


Although Direct Mail for restaurants is a more expensive marketing option than most others, it allows you to tell your story, and as a seasoned marketer in the pizza industry for the past 15 years, we know that “It’s all about your story.”


Direct mail allows you to:


  • Portray your benefits to your customers.
  • Make compelling offers through value added campaigns and specials.
  • Differentiate your brand from your competitors.
  • Demonstrate the freshness and quality of your food through mouth-watering imagery.
  • Get instant results.

As a conduit to digital media, Direct Mail is the most effective communication vehicle to potentially encourage your neighbours to initiate a one to one communication channel with your digital assets, whether through contests, promotions and/or other events that increase the benefits to become connected with your brand. It will organically increase your email database and other personal information that marketers always wish for.


The basic idea is to use Direct Mail as the initiative that will drive the future of your relationship with your customers, and then capitalize to achieve the most potential through the digital world. It’s a balancing act that you must continue to engage in and short cuts unfortunately don’t work!

The proof is in this case history

As you might imagine being in this great industry for over 15 years has taught us some valuable lessons. We have customers situated throughout the US and Canada and it’s interesting for us to see how some of our customers fair compared to others in the same market with their marketing efforts.


In one of our markets in the USA we have a client with 70 stores. In the same market there are two competing pizza chains with similar number of stores and a similar business model.


It was very clear to see that the chain that consistently mailed flyers controlled by their head office had a consistent 20%-25% sales increase for the past three years as opposed to the other chains that let their franchisees control their direct mail. The chain that didn't consistantly direct mail their flyers showed much worse results and consistently were down 25%-30% year to date.


In today's busy world, it’s hard to find time to manage your staff, keep operational control and costs with maximum efficiencies as well as manage the complete task of marketing your restaurant, let alone manage your custom direct mail program.


MPP Marketing Group is a pioneer in the direct mail of the QSR industry. The company’s 15 years experience in Direct Mail ensures our customers proficiencies in all aspects, from creating a mouth-watering menu using menu engineering (a psychologically proven approach to place the most profitable items in the menu to where the eyes get instinctively drawn to).


MPP has a proprietary workflow agreement with USPS that ensures our customers the most effective drop dates of the month, ensuring the highest returns


MPP executes all its services under one roof in our modern 150,000 sq. ft. plant. This ensures minimum overhead and maximum efficiencies.


  • Design
  • Printing and bindery
  • Mail and distribution services.


MPP's team members are continually being trained and updated on all new postal regulations. They monitor closely each mailing campaign and update clients on performances as well as suggested improvements ensuring the most value for your clients marketing dollars.


Why use the new E.D.D.M with MPP?


For the first time in history USPS is offering discounts to mail houses for entering EDDM mail programs into the system. MPP Marketing Group puts through millions of pizza menus through the system and are therefore eligible for these discounts. Therefore MPP can offer this service for almost the same price operators have to pay to do it by themselves. Therefore by the time operators calculate the costs and add the time factor they need to devote to doing their own mail it makes more sense to use MPP.



An originally custom designed MPP flyer mailed for as little as 24 cents/each ALL IN!!!


The industry’s best menu engineering team will create an ad agency quality masterpiece that would normally cost you thousands of dollars.

  • Top flight design
  • Free mouth-watering images from our exclusive library
  • Colour corrected printing using our proprietary “colour-match” system to ensure vibrant true colours
  • Mailing useing EDDM Method

All for 24 cents each.


To take the next step and start building your direct mail strategy, call MPP Marketing Group today at 1-866-889-8745 and speak with one of our knowledgeable account reps about crafting your unique campaign.

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