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Kickstart your email marketing campaign!


Kickstart your customer email database with this great bundle offer from MPP. This is the perfect way to add on to your existing list or simply start a new one if you haven't yet been collecting emails from your customers!


Email marketing is a powerful and effective tool to drive customers to order. A well maintained email list, collected organically from your customers, is a wealth of knowledge that you can use to craft offers and make informed business decisions. Once a list is collected, you can use it to send regular email blasts out to your customers informing them of exclusive deals, new product rollouts or even community events that you may be participating in. Combined with an attractive custom email template that creates a mouthwatering appetite-appeal, you can use this tool on a regular basis to drive sales on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule. You'll quickly come to realize that a good email list is worth it's weight in GOLD!


To help you get into email marketing, we've put together a bundle package that will help you collect emails from your customers (and other information as well!), and also distribute an effective marketing piece to them 3 times. You'll be able to experience first hand what it's like to work with the email marketing pro's at MPP and the sales results that they can deliver!


Our package includes:

  • 10,000 4"x6" Comment Cards that include fields for email address, name, address as well as other custom fields that you can define
  • 3 Custom Designed Email Templates that will be sent out to your list once the comment cards have built you a database

All of that for just the low price of $1999!


The first step of this program is to create a comment card that your staff encourages customers to fill out. Comment cards can also contain some kind of promotion or incentive to improve your customer's participation rates. We've seen great success with our clients by offering an incentive, such as a side item or menu upsize coupon in exchange for a fully completed comment card. In an extreme case, we had a customer offer a free pizza with registration to his eClub and he saw a growth of over 10,000 new members! While that might be a bit aggressive for most operators, it shows how well a promo works when you want to collect customer information.


Once the data is collected, we get to work designing your custom email template and helping you to come up with a transmission strategy and the content of the emails. Working closely with our team we'll reveal to you our research on which day and times are the most effective to get huge response, so you'll be sure to get off to the right foot!


Get started with email marketing for your restaurant today! Contact your account representative or simply call us toll free at 1-866-889-8745!


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