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New FDA Menu Requirements


The FDA recently passed legislation which requires restaurants to publicize nutritional information and colorie counts on all menus.


Who does it affect and when?

Chain restaurants with 20 or more locations need to comply by December 1, 2015 (less than 6 months away!)


What information is included and where does it need to appear?

Calorie information for standard items and combos anywhere your menu appears and a short statement about suggested daily caloric intake.


How can MPP help?

We are experts in menu design and we know how and what needs to be presented in order to comply to the new legislation.


What will your menu look like in December 2015?

MPP would add the provided calorie counts to all the menu items (there are certain regulations describing the way they must be placed) and our design team has been trained on all relevant requirements. MPP will redesign, provide proofs prior to printing, proint and laminate the menus for your restaurant.




For more information or to book your menu update, please contact your MPP Account Representative at 1-866-889-8745

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