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Pizzeria Marketing Guide for the 2012 Games

Olympics are almost here! Are you ready?

Summertime is almost upon us which means that the 2012 Olympic Games in London are on their way. You may have already noticed that some large brands are already jumping on the Olympics’ marketing bandwagon – and for good reason! The games are one of the most powerful forces you can use to drive customers to take action. The mix of sport, patriotism and hype consistently prove to be a winning combination for savvy marketers to promote their restaurants.


How can you take advantage of the games to drive sales? We’ve put together some winning strategies that you can use right here:


Associate your Restaurant with an Athlete:

While IOC rules and regulations make it difficult to associate your brand with the games directly, a great strategy is to focus your marketing efforts in supporting a local athlete. Amateur athletes are always in need of good sponsors and funds, so hold a fundraiser at your establishment to support their training and equipment so they can perform at their best. Your best strategy is to select a local athlete (find the complete rosters here: Team USATeam Canada) and co-ordinate with the national fundraising arm of the team. Promote this fundraiser on your website, use your eClub and direct mail to your community to make sure you get a great turnout! Use the event to build a huge amount of community goodwill and you’ll come out looking like the gold medal winner!

Leverage Social Media to Boost Customer Engagement:

If your restaurant isn’t active with social media then this is the time to get into it with a bang! If you’re already engaging with your customers then you know that you can use social media to build customer loyalty and drive sales. Here are a couple of our favorite on-line strategies:

  • Follow the games and post updates as they happen to build audience
  • Run timely promotions to celebrate victories (“Every time Phelps wins a gold medal we’ll upsize your pizza for Free!”)
  • Run fun mini-contests such as Olympic trivia or guess-the-winners to encourage participation with your brand

Use the Time Difference to your Advantage!

One thing that most people forget about until the day of the games is that they’ll be taking place in a different timezone! London is on GMT time, which means that for most of us a lot of events will be taking place in the early morning to afternoon. If your restaurant has TVs and you don’t mind the extra work, consider adjusting your operating hours to accommodate the fans and turn your restaurant into the local games-watching headquarters! You can even offer deals and combos to customers during specific events to build the hype even further. Promote your special hours to your customers with a dedicated postcard piece or place the information on your next flyer and let your community know that your place is the place to be!

Get a Buddy and Save Big!

Everyone will be scrambling to run some kind of Olympic promotion in the coming months, so why not try and save some money by combining efforts with another local business?  If you know someone who will be running a campaign for the games, try and co-ordinate the production of your printed marketing material to run together. Printing together means a larger run, which in the print world translates into a considerable savings on your cost-per-piece. Try this with another local restaurant or any other business that may be interested (salons, bars and all kinds of retail stores). Talk to your MPP representative to help co-ordinate and figure out the kind of savings you can get!



Armed with these essential strategies, there’s no reason that you can’t make the Olympics work for you! The team at MPP Marketing Group can assist you with developing each of these strategies and more – give us a call at 1-866-889-8745 today and start planning your Olympic strategy!

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