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Pizzeria Marketing: What will your business look like in 2 years?


By Mark Sibilia


The more important question is - What do you want your business to look like in 2 years? Financial success through increased customer visits, higher guest cheque averages, long term brand building and growth needs a plan to ensure that it happens. The right mix in your marketing plan can deliver your goals and even surpass them.


 The most common mistake that I see in the QSR industry is the lack of a marketing plan and vision. Always keep in mind, that all of the large and successful chains started with a single location, a goal and a plan!


 Many single locations, small and mid-size chains do not have a marketing plan  or one that will move them to where they want to be. For many it is a factor of time; too busy running the day to day of the business and all of the challenges that come with it. For others it is fear of the unknown; especially when it comes to the incorporating new media in their advertising such as web and social.  If that is the case for you, there are simple ways to plan and plenty of help out there for you.



The Anatomy of a Simple Marketing Plan

Get your marketing efforts on the right track today.


Creating a great marketing plan doesn't have to be complicated or difficult. It can be a simple plan, broken down into five sections. This type of plan is for your internal use, forces you to plan and helps control your expenditures.


Section 1: Situation Analysis

One of the easiest ways to start is with a SWOT analysis – and answer the questions: what are your businesses?


1. Strengths
2. Weaknesses
3. Opportunities
4. Threats


Section 2: Target Audience

All you need is a simple, bulleted description of your target audiences. This can be broken down into who your current customers are and who you would like your customers to be.  


Section 3: Goals

Make a list of your company's marketing goals for the coming year. Make your goals realistic and measurable. If it can’t be measured it is not a goal. What do you want your sales to increase by? Do you want to introduce new products? Do you want to increase your margins by adjusting price? This is where you define the direction of your business.


Section 4: Strategies and Tactics

This section you will describe the strategy to reach your goals and then the tactics or actions that will be used for each strategy. Here's an example: One of our client’s goals is to increase lunch time sales to companies by 20 percent this year. Together we've developed a strategy that includes making a special offer each month to this prospect group, and one of her tactics is to use monthly e-mails to market to an in-house list.


The tactics section should include all the actionable steps you plan to take for advertising, social media, direct mail, and special promotions. Use a calendar to schedule your tactics.


Section 5: Budget Breakdown

The plan also needs to include a brief breakdown of the costs associated with each of your tactics.  This gives you the total picture of what you plan to spend or it will point out if you need to alter your plan or find other sources such as coop dollars, to execute the plan.


This plan adapts as your business grows and your marketing programs evolve.


Armed with this plan, you’re ready to look ahead at a prosperous future! Your best bet is to partner with a marketing company that specializes in your industry (hint: you’re on their website already) and look to them for assistance in building and fulfilling your strategies to deliver your goals.

Success is just around the corner!

Mark Sibilia is the President and CEO of MPP Marketing Group. For over 25 years Mark has developed, managed and executed award winning QSR and Pizzeria marketing campaigns for national, midsized chains. Additionally, Mark is an author and lecturer dedicated to the creation of innovative marketing solutions for the Pizza and QSR industry.

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