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Time to execute your World Cup Campaigns


We're lucky this year - most matches are happening during key meal times, between the hours of noon and 9pm. If you play your cards right, this could mean a month-long period of increased sales and record breaking revenue for you and your restaurant.


Soccer is gaining momentum in North America extremely quickly. According to an ESPN study conducted in 2011, Soccer is the 2nd favourite sport (13.7%) of the crucial age 12-24 demographic. In the 2010 tournament, USA viewership was 24.3 million (7.6 million in Canada), and this number is expected to rise by 100-250% according to forecasts. Since the games are happening during meal times, you know your customers will be watching and ordering in!


But how can you take advantage of this incredible opportunity?

MPP Marketing Group's experts can help you craft and execute a customized campaign that specifically targets your local audience and drives sales. Utilizing a combination of online and traditional media, our team will guide you through each step of the process that will lead you to success.


With only 70 days remaining before the start of the tournament, let us at MPP start right away putting together a campaign for you to capitalize on this worldwide event.


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