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Why Give Back?


The simple answer is because its the right thing to do, It's a compassionate and sharing gesture and of course it makes us feel good knowing we're helping people who are less fortunate then we are.


Through my life’s journey and my desire to go a bit deeper into life’s set of rules I have discovered an interesting and a different understanding to the reasons mentioned above.


It is based on the simple and powerful concept of “what goes around, comes around”.



I have lived by this motto for a number of years and I can honestly tell you that this simple but powerful statement works to the finite degree. When things happened to us good or bad we should approach its effects as a cause of something we have created in our past and we should try and connect the dots as it will help us understand or at least accept the current reality.


So remember that we are ‘ON’ 24/7. We cannot hide from the truth. Every thought, every word and especially every action will have a consequence or an effect. Once we truly believe in the concept , then life becomes easy to understand, but I must warn you, it will take a while to implement into our daily lives.


So, "Get angry, someone will get angry at you. Steal, and somebody will steal from you."


Ultimately, when we give, when we act nice and when we are kind to our neighbours we should feel good but we should also know full well that at one point in our future we will get it all back tenfold.


Happy holidays from all of us at MPP Marketing Group.

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